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USMLE Forums4u
January 30th, 2012, 11:14 AM
Hello students please vote for the poll on Best USMLE CS Center as per examinees

The above voting is just for our analysis and we can get some idea why students believe few centers as IMG friendly or student friendly.

According to NBME all usmle cs centers are standardized with well trained SP's. But we want to know what the usmle aspirants think about this.You can vote in the poll and also can post your views about the best usmle cs center and tell us why you think so?

We strongly believe that all the FIVE USMLE CSEC ( usmle cs centers) are similar and standard with regard to grading. We recommend to just pick your exam center based on Transport, accommodation facilities and other factors. Especially IMG's can select usmle cs centers based on their direct flight connection between home country and place of usmle cs center.

These are few factors students may consider while selecting usmle cs centers (http://usmleforums4u.com/showthread.php?168-Factors-behind-choosing-usmle-cs-centers)

1. Transport/connecting flights
2. Hotel/Room accommodation (cost of living)
3. Availability of Study partners
4. Climate
5. Availability of friends/relatives who can help out

Choose your exam center based on the above things . We believe all centers are Student friendly. Students may spread rumors about usmle centers based on their pass/fail grade and other factors.

USMLE Forums4u
January 30th, 2012, 11:24 AM
Your opinion counts. Please register at this website to participate in the poll and share your opinion. Anyone can participate in this poll because we just need your opinion

NOTE: For making this poll better we have added 2 additional options along with Five USMLE CSE Centers and while voting Only 1 option is allowed per person.

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