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Thread: Your 6 Steps to Success - Kaplan USMLEŽ Step 1 High Yield Program

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    Your 6 Steps to Success - Kaplan USMLEŽ Step 1 High Yield Program

    Your 6 Steps to Success: Kaplan USMLEŽ Step 1 High Yield Program Including Kaplan Step 1 Q bank

    1. Set the bar. Start with your 3-hour diagnostic exam.

    2. Warm up. Use 28 basic science exercises to review. How did you do? Watch the video sets to find out.

    3. Prep with High Yield. Watch 55 hours of video lectures organized by General Principle and Organ System. Start using your Qbank with 2,200 USMLE practice questions.

    4. Work out. Practice with 2,000 exercises in your printed workbook and over 20 hours of video explanations.

    5. Train your brain. Strengthen your skills with 119 short, end-of-topic quizzes after your core lectures (500 total practice questions with video remediation).

    6. Get ready. Take two simulated exams to prime yourself for a high score on test day.

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    Dr Fischer and Dr Kudrath videos are very good in lecture videos and hopefully same with step 1 HY....

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