How long do I have my Match A Resident Customized List(s)?

Match A Resident is a seasonal service, not annual or purchasing by subscription. The two main seasons for access are:

Regular Season (Access until March 1, 2017)

Full Season (Access until May 1, 2017)

You may be wondering, “Why choose the Full Season?

We always hope you obtain your Match on Match Week®, but life doesn’t always go as planned.Full Season Access allows you to view your list during Match Week, the Post-MatchSOAP®, and beyond. If you end up not Matching, and need to participate during the Post-Match SOAP, your Match A Resident list will be ready and by your side to help you research to pick a limited amount of programs during a limited amount of time.

Full Season means more resources, safety, security, and peace of mind-- not matter how your residency application season goes.

Questions? Contact us at 760-904-5484 opt. 2 or email us your question or phone number and we will be happy to assist you!