Cleveland Clinic-Dr. N Swami Charitable Trust Post-MBBS Research Training Program

Cleveland Clinic, in collaboration with the Dr. Nirmala Swami Charitable Trust, has launched a unique post-MBBS research training program through its Center for Graduate Medical Education. This competitive program aligns two organizations that share a deep commitment to medical education.

Since its inception in 1921, education has been a core element of Cleveland Clinic’s vision and “further education of those who serve” is embedded within the organization’s mission statement and culture. Its Education Institute promotes the needs of various educational audiences and seeks excellence in advancing education through the values of teamwork, synergy, innovation and service.

Similarly, the Dr. Nirmala Swami Charitable Trust was established by Dr. Bharat Swami, son of Dr. Nirmala Swami, to fulfill their joint dream to serve, educate and support humanity. Compassion for patients and a dedication to education are the key principles of the Dr. Nirmala Swami Charitable Trust. Its passion is to provide quality education to society.

The first batch of Fellows have a great experience and share their views too: Dr Mukhija on Video.

Together, these organizations are uniquely positioned to offer accepted candidates a robust, twelve month, educational experience which will prepare students for further post-graduate medical education in the United States. Participants will gain insight into the U.S. medical system through a diverse experience which will deliver:

Extensive clinical exposure to the American medical system through observational experiences in clinical and research settings. In each of the program’s twelve months, students will observe alongside physician care teams in inpatient, outpatient and intensive care settings. Within these venues, students will observe approaches to patient management, techniques and procedures. Students will develop their medical knowledge through regular participation in clinical rounds.

Participation in topical research with a publishable deliverable. Students will be afforded the opportunity to contribute to an ongoing research project with guidance from a faculty research mentor. Related coursework to further hone clinical research skills will be made available to program participants through the Center for Medical Education Research and Development.

Involvement in healthcare reform. The advent of healthcare reform in the United States represents a paradigm shift in the way care is delivered. Students will be invited to experience this changing model of care first-hand through their participation in ongoing initiatives like the development of clinical care paths and the exploration of enhancing value in the delivery of care.

Participation in a strong and diverse didactic program. Core concepts in general and subspecialty internal medicine will be delivered through a regular lecture series and also during patient-focused team-based learning activities. Attendance at Medicine Grand Rounds offers students exposure to an array of clinical topics, renowned speakers and novel research.

Personal and professional development through course offerings from Cleveland Clinic Academy. The Academy provides a broad spectrum of courses in leadership, education and management. Additional online coursework will be offered through the Center for Online Medical Education. Students’ clinical teaching skills will be bolstered through participation in special teaching skills didactics.

Simulated patient encounters. With the aid standardized patients and our on campus simulation center, students will gain skill and experience in physician-patient communication.

Preparation for residency interviews. Students will gain insight and experience into the residency recruitment process through participation in mock residency interviews with program leadership. Individualized feedback will be provided to each student.

Mentorship from senior program leadership, faculty and guidance from current international trainees. Experience in the post-MBBS program will provide ample opportunities to foster professional relationships with leading physicians and to network with other physician trainees.

Student development will be further enriched by the review of regular performance feedback from program leadership in both verbal and written formats. Quarterly feedback about the program will be collected from students and used to shape their individual learning opportunities.

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