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Thread: First -Line therapy for Panic Disorder?

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    First -Line therapy for Panic Disorder?

    what is the First -Line therapy for Panic Disorder?

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    Cognitive behavioral therapy and SSRIs are first-line treatment for panic disorder

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    yes correct.

    what are the main clues to diagnose panic disorder?

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    panic disorder vs GAD, what's the difference?

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    Panic disorder: The patient with panic disorder may experience recurrent panic attacks and these are sudden intense feelings of terror. It is likely associated with somatic symptoms like SOB, shaking, chest pain, trembling etc

    GAD: Here patient have excessive worry about everyday events and to consider it as GAD, the symptoms like worry and anxiety must persist for more than 6 months interfering daily activities.

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    Thanks buddy for simple differentiation between panic disorder and GAD

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    yes, very good concept. How to we differentiate panic disorder vs panic attack

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    This is the end of this thread. Please start a new thread if you want to discuss related topics.
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