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Thread: Step 1 First Aid Vs Kaplan medEssentials

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    Step 1 First Aid Vs Kaplan medEssentials

    I believe that both First Aid and Kaplan medEssentials are good but need some exposure and opinion of other students. Can we go for FA only or ME only or both FA & ME. What is your recommendation ,First Aid vs Kaplan medEssentials?

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    Quote Originally Posted by usmleconcepts View Post
    I believe that both First Aid and Kaplan medEssentials are good but need some exposure and opinion of other students. Can we go for FA only or ME only or both FA & ME. Finally what is your recommendation for First Aid vs Kaplan medEssentials
    Overall both FA and Kaplan medEssentails are good and both have their uniqueness. It depends on student choice and time he can spent for step-1 preparation and also based on his step-1 review books.

    For example if someone is reviewing kaplan lecture notes then i would recommend medEssentails because it can summarize everything mentioned in kaplan notes and help us to revise fast in last few weeks of exam. Next you can also use medEssentals from the begging of your preparation as subject wise/organ system wise review which help us to restore concepts and facts mentioned in kaplan notes. So ME is basically a review of the graphs, diagrams and tables present in kaplan notes.

    Coming to FA which is all HY topics and facts summarized in outlines but not much in depth like ME. First Aid is great in certain areas such as CVS,Renal and Respiratry, Pharma & Microbiology. medEssentails is good for Genetics, Cell and Molecular biology, Behavior science, tables,graphs, physiology etc

    So both FA & ME are good in their own way for certain topics. Finally we can conclude that ME can help in quick revision of Kaplan lecture notes covering almost everything with nice tables and graphs whereas FA is good if you have less time. You can for both FA & MED if you have enough time.

    If you can do both Kaplan's Step-1 Q Bank and UW Q Bank then you can skip ME to save time. So choice is yours. Thanks
    Thanks & Regards

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    Both FA & ME are good in my opinion. The only difference is ME was organized with nice tables and diagrams and you can happily can skip kaplan notes for mEssentails

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    Last week i purchased Kaplan medEssentails New Edition-4th and can say confidently that it is far good than FA 2013 except that medEssentials is big book compared to FA. The charts and bacterial algorithm, Vitamins, exotoxins etc are presented in good way.

    Micro charts, Biochem and CMB, pharma,Immuno, Neuro, Cardio, GIT, Reprodutive and Endocrines are excellent and beats FA. I will update other topics later but i recommed using medEssentails using kaplan lecture notes and videos.

    The another good thing about this book : Flow charts , Diagrams and Tables which help us to connect related topics across various disciplines and get everything in to our long term memory. Let me know if anyone need some exposure about medEssentails.

    Bottom line: Don't miss medEssetials step-1 book and it's worth to pump your usmle score

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    First Aid > Kaplan MedEssentials in general but some topics are good and explained well in MedEssentials.

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    First Aid is best option but as mentioned above you may refer other sources like Kaplan ME for subjects like behavior sciences, genetics, neuroanatomy etc

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    FA 2014 editions looks good with much improvement so i would go for FA as of now but may refer ME if required

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    My vote is for First aid book

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    both are good as per my own experience...

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