Attention 2013 Residency Applicants: would like to announce clerkship and externship availability in New York City and several locations on the East Coast. Start dates are available in February, March, and April 2013. These experiences provide an opportunity to secure Letters of Recommendation (LoRs), US Clinical Experience (USCE), and CV/Resume references well in time for the September 15th start of the 2014 residency application cycle.

Multiple specialties are available. Apply today at HYPERLINK

Our focus is in providing flexible clinical experience that can bolster an applicant’s CV and improve comfort with the US Healthcare system. Increase your comfort with history taking, physical examination, and clinical documentation. These are skills that program directors require from applicants to demonstrate evidence of clinical competency. Enroll in our residency consultation services for an even greater opportunity to interface with former IMGs and current residents in training.

Our varied experiences improve a candidate's cultural competency. This is a key ability that program directors place emphasis on when considering an IMG for a residency position. We offer inpatient and outpatient experience at many hospitals mainly in New York City and various locations on the East Cost. Our rotations are held at university affiliated ACGME accredited teaching hospitals and all LORs are guaranteed on hospital letterhead.

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